Born in Bournemouth, raised in Gateshead, I have been a Newcastle fan since the age of 5. Currently in exile in London and having lived in Japan and New Zealand, I have had to rely on the internet in order to follow the toon. Reading blogs and news sites, in particular (much respect to Ed), has inspired me to set up my own site. This site will be devoted to everything Newcastle United and I hope that one day it will be a place for Newcastle fans around the world to meet and share opinion.

My aim is to build a quality website, which contains all the vital information about our club, including collated news and rumours, fixtures and player stats in addition to quality written opinion pieces by myself and a friend or two. I also want to maintain a forum in which everyone is invited to start threads and ignite discussion – I might even introduce a little bit of social networking for Newcastle fans. We’ll see…

For now, here’s to a great 2012/13 season and let’s hope Newcastle continue their amazing revival!